Description Edit

Waves (grown)
Gender Stallion
Species Alicorn
Cutie Mark Musical Notes
Special Talent Creating dubstep music
Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
Brother(s) Thunder
Sister(s) None
Very special somepony None
Son(s) None
Daughter(s) None

Appearance Edit

Mustard-yellow body with red markings; blue and red mane and tail; he is an Alicorn that loves wearing "cool" glasses. His cutie mark is a pair of musical notes.

Character Edit

Waves is just as he looks: a cool guy. He loves to play his dubstep at high volume and with big subwoofers. He's afraid of heights and hates flying.

Skills Edit

Creating dubstep music and singing.

Powers/Abilities Edit

As an Alicorn, Waves can use magic and can fly. He doesn't fly much, but that's because he's afraid of heights. With his horn, he can create any kind of dubstep music he wants...or he can blast subwoofers at his brother.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Thunder Edit

Waves and Thunder get along fine. They're both rare Alicorn twins, so they like to boast about that, but usually just tease each other with whatever they feel is necessary.

Images Edit

Filly Edit

Waves (filly)

Stallion Edit

Waves (grown)

Ownership Edit

I can hear him calling: "Come and follow me, my child!" 17:53, August 28, 2015 (UTC)