Description Edit

Thunder (grown)
Gender Stallion
Species Alicorn
Cutie Mark Lightning bolts
Special Talent Creating weather
Father Classic Guitar
Mother Crystal
Brother(s) Waves
Sister(s) None
Very special somepony None
Son(s) None
Daughter(s) None

Appearance Edit

Thunder is a handsome black Alicorn with gray stripes and. He has a black and gray striped mane and tail. He always carries his special amulet on him. He has a cutie mark of two lightning bolts. He usually wears his three earrings.

Character Edit

Thunder, unlike his brother, is reserved and shy. He likes to hang in the sky, where no one else is, so he can be alone and reflect.

Skills Edit

Creating weather and flying. He is particularly good at creating lightning.

Powers/Abilities Edit

As an Alicorn, Thunder is extremely powerful. He can use magic and fly. He can create immense amounts of lightning, and his favorite weather to create is a tornado/lightningstorm.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Waves Edit

Thunder and Waves get along fine, but Thunder doesn't like Waves' in-your-face approach.

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Filly Edit

Thunder (filly)

Stallion Edit

Thunder (grown)

Ownership Edit

I can hear him calling: "Come and follow me, my child!" 18:26, August 28, 2015 (UTC)