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Current: Scientist with no allegiance

Past: unknown

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Unknown; he is always changing it

Persona Edit

Technolotron believes he is the future of everything. He takes living things apart and that mutates them to do his bidding. He believes his word is law.

Quotes Edit

"I give you one chance, Optimus Prime. Join me, or face death." - Technolotron to Optimus Prime.

"I am the future of Cybertron! My word is law! I will not be denied, and all who stand in my way, well, must be cleaned away. They are an impurity in my vision that cannot be allowed to exist. Therefore, Autobots and Decepticons must die." - Technolotron to Starscream.

"I killed them quickly; they felt no pain." - Technolotron
"But what about the ones you didn't kill quickly? Those were my friends." - Optimus Prime
"Actually, my men did that." - Technolotron
"But you commanded them to." - Optimus Prime
"They were in my way. They had to be...removed." - Technolotron

"I am commanded by no one. It's just me reporting to me. My word is law. Failure to face that will result in your demise." - Technolotron to Starscream

"The Reptillicons will keep the technological and biological balance on Cybertron. In other words, they will control the Autobot and Decepticon population." - Technolotron about the Reptillicons to no one in particular.

"Entfernen!" - Technolotron to his men, the Surebu.

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Cybertronians killed by this Transformer Edit

Too many to count: Autobots and Decepticons

History Edit

Not much is known about Technolotron, except that he is a scientist that disessembles Cybertronians and other species for his experiments. He is best known for inventing the Reptillicons.

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