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Summary Edit

Stella Firestone is a 15-year-old female anthropomorphic cheetah who lives in the town of Leafwood. She has the power to heal others and self-heal. Her slight appearance of a Sonic character is due to the fact that her creator originally intended for her to be a fan character from the Sonic Universe.


Stella appears to be a cheetah with certain human characteristics. She has emerald green eyes and a white muzzle. Her golden hair is in a high bun. She wears a strapless suit and arm sleeves, both of which have cheetah printing on them. She also wears a teal neck scarf, a matching teal belt, and black knee-high boots. Her tail seems to be the only part of her that is actually cheetah patterned.

Stella's healing ability appears like green shards of glass.


Stella is a kind, caring and responsible girl. She is a pacifist, probably due to her having healing powers. She is often very quiet and doesn't talk much, and when she does, she speaks softly.

Stella is not obsessed with, but does love to keep up with the latest fashion trends. All of her different pairs of clothes are bright, colorful, and trendy.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Healing Edit

Stella's healing powers, which look like green shards of glass, can heal almost any wound on the being the powers are directed to. Healing mortal or deadly wounds could drain Stella of her energy or even kill her.

Stella can heal herself, to a certain extent. She is also invulnerable to most wounds, except for magic that can disable her powers.

One of Stella's healing moves is a green shield that can be formed around any being. It can disable any attacks targeted at any beings surrounded by the shield. This healing shield, however, is very unstable, and does not last very long.

Agility Edit

Stella is a cheetah, and therefore moves swiftly and gracefully. She does not have super speed, but she can run faster than most and has noticeably more stamina and durability. She doesn't run a lot though due to the fact that she often wears shoes with heels.


Stella Firestone is not under an official copyright; however, the rights of her ownership belong to her creator, Paintbrush Birdie
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