These are the rules of the wiki. FOLLOW THEM, THERE ARE ONLY 11

Rule #1: No swearing or sexuality Edit

DO NOT SWEAR! Some people find it offensive, whether you think so or not. I will only allow one swear, though: hell. USE IT SPARINGLY. And NO SEXUALITY! You are given no warning for this!

Consequence: (swearing) 2 warnings, then block (sexuality) block

Rule #2: Respect others and the admins Edit

Please respect boundaries and if some one says to stop talking about a subject, listen to them. Admins will deal with you if you disobey this rule.

Consequence: 1 warning, then block

Rule #3: No gore Edit

Gore is considered offensive, so please refrain from it.

Consequence: 1 warning and deletion of image(s) and/or article(s), then block

Rule #4: No religious debateEdit

Please refrain from religious debate! 

Consequence: 2 warnings, then block 

Rule #5: No homosexual or trans-gendered characters or converse Edit

This is highly offensive to some people, whether you like it or not, so it's fine if you are homosexual or trans-gendered, but please keep it to yourself.

Consequence: 1 warning and deletion of image(s) and/or article(s), then ban

Rule #6: No Vandalizing Edit

DO NOT vandalize pages! You will get NO WARNING for this, so too bad if you didn't read the rules!

Consequence: block

Rule #7: Complete your articles! Edit

Please complete your articles when you create them! I don't want to have to delete them.

Consequence: 3 warnings, then deletion of page.

Rule #8: No stealing other wiki's property or this wiki's property! Edit

Please don't do this. This is just cruel.

Consequence: 1 warning and deletion of stolen property, then ban and report to major wikis

Rule #9: No abusing the privileges of being an staff member! Edit

This is a very untrustworthy thing to do. Before doing anything that requires staff powers, you must contact Thunder.

Consequence: 1 warning, then a demotion

Rule #10: No roleplaying in chat Edit

This is not a high crime, but it still must be inforced.

Consequence: 3 warnings, then kick from the chat

Thank you for your cooperation! Edit

Thunderheart...with his sidekick, Grasspaw! 19:48, July 10, 2015 (UTC)