Maplebreeze is a broad-shouldered blue-gray she-cat with black tabby markings. She has a white underbelly and white paws. She has blue eyes. She is a very well-built ThunderClan warrior. Maplebreeze is misunderstood by everyone; shunned. Everyone thinks she's crazy, when she's just different.
Breezekit - Breezepaw - Maplebreeze

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Trivia and QuotesEdit

"And since when did 'different' become against the warrior code?" - Maplebreeze to Froststripe

  • Maplebreeze's physical design is based off of a different OC of Thunder's, Tigress. 
  • Maplebreeze is misunderstood, like Thunder. 
  • Maplebreeze is unable to be persuaded, like Thunder. 

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Love is Magical!...and hatred is agony 19:20, August 4, 2015 (UTC)

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