Make sure the page is complete Edit

Sections Edit

All the sections in the page must be filled out and must meet the standards accordingly. The sections must be extensively explained so that the readers can clearly think of how the OC looks, acts, etc. Make sure you add every required section.

Make it look good Edit

Templates Edit

Make sure you add a character template to your article. Templates make your page look professional and carry essential summary data.

Images Edit

Images add to the perspective of your article. Readers like to see what a character looks like not only in an illustrative writing, but also in a picture.

Trivia Edit

Trivia is not required, but it's recommended. Trivia makes the article look interesting while giving the reader interesting faq about your OC.

Keep it appropriate Edit

Violence Edit

As stated in the Rules, the article should be at least PG-13 in this category. Violence is allowed, but no gore, please!

Love Edit

As stated in the Rules, the article should be at least PG in this category. You never know when some kid may read your articles (even if they're as anonymous).

Add the intensity Edit

Action Edit

If you add the "History" section (which is not required), make sure your OCs life is that of action. No one wants to waste their time reading something that says: "S/he hasn't had much of a history," or reading a short, boring history of some strict grammar teacher that's only done school all his life. But it's still okay if your OC is a nobody and has no life! We understand.

Love Edit

Love is the spice of life. People love a good romance story! Especially ThunderWaves. I mean, who doesn't love that warm feeling in your heart that tugs you into drama? People love it. I recommend adding dialogue in the "Love Interests" section under the "Relationships" section if there is one. Of course, if you're into Transformers, then there's probably nothing going on there. Just please keep it appropriate, as it is stated in the Rules.

Drama Edit

People love a good drama, like a friendship being torn at the seams. Who doesn't?

Approval Edit

Want your article/somebody else's article approved for the FA? Just contact ThunderWaves! He'll take it up with the other admins and see if they agree that your article is a good one.

Uh Oh! Edit

Currently, there are not a lot of people on OCGW, and so ThunderWaves has decided to choose the FA himself for the time being. When more people come on and the wiki becomes more active and there are more articles, then ThunderWaves will consult the other admins. Thanks for your patience!