Allegiance and rank Edit

Current: Autobot weapons specialist

Past: Decepticon soldier

Desert Thunder

Vehicle mode Edit

2015 Chevy Colorado

Persona Edit

Desert Thunder loves his weaponry and believes that scars are trophies of strength.

Quotes Edit

"There's no faster car than you," - Desert Thunder to Aurora

"Touche, but you aren't considering the fact that I just might have planted a bomb on your back," - Desert Thunder to Starscream.

Weapons Edit

Vehicle mode Edit

Heat-seaking missiles

Guns Edit

X12 Scrapmaker, thermo-rocket launcher, magma frag launcher, ion blaster, fusion cannon, plasma cannon, EMP, and nucleon shock cannon

Grenades Edit

Thermo mines

Other weapons/abilities Edit

Hover, moleculon bomb, transform disruptor, energon drain, ground pound, deploy sentry, decoy trap, P.O.K.E., orbital beacon 2.0, and energon recharger.

Cybertronians killed by this TransformerEdit

Too many to count: Decepticons

History Edit

Desert Thunder was created just before the War for Cybertron began. He witnessed a decade of peace before war broke out and he was misguided by Megatron to join the Decepticons. Desert Thunder obeyed, thinking that he would bring peace back to Cybertron, his beloved home.

During the invasion of the Decagon, Desert Thunder was wounded by Optimus Prime and begged for Megatron to save him. Megatron said that Desert Thunder was useless if he was so easily defeated. Desert Thunder pleaded for mercy from Optimus Prime, and Optimus Prime gave it. Ratchet repaired Desert Thunder and Desert Thunder swore loyalty to the Autobots and befriended a female Autobot named Aurora. Eventually, before the invasion of Autobot City, Optimus Prime named Desert Thunder his weapons specialist.

After centuries of war, Desert Thunder stayed behind when the Ark took off for Earth. Desert Thunder explored Cybertron, searching for hope of reviving his beloved home planet. Finally, he ran low of energon and went into stasis.

After little over two millenia, Desert Thunder was reactivated by Shockwave, a Decepticon scientist. Desert Thunder was delirious for a while. Shockwave intended on disecting him and rewiring his circuitry, and when Desert Thunder found this out, he blasted out of Shockwave's ship in a stasis pod.

Desert Thunder then found himself on Earth. It was the year 2015. He trudged through Death Valley, California, found a suitable vehicle form, and searched for energon. He eventually went offline again, and Optimus Prime found him and took him to his Earth base.

Desert Thunder was reactivated and repaired. Optimus Prime filled him on what was going on. From then on, Desert Thunder fought for the Autobots.

Ownership Edit

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