Chat is a place where you can talk with fellow OC creators, possibly from fellow fandoms! This page contains the guidelines for chat. By following these guidelines, you make the Chat a fun place to, well, chat!

Swearing Edit

So, first of all, please don't swear. Some people find it offensive. I don't care if you dont; some people do. That includes the acronyms for swears, like AF or wtf. Wth is fine, as long as you mean the "h" as "heck" and not something else.

Exceptions Edit

You can say "Hell" as long as it is NOT a swear; it is a place. Example: I come from the bottom pits of Hell.

Topics Edit

Please, please, PLEEEEAASSEE change the topic when some one tells you to. If some one doesn't want to talk about a certain subject, please grant them amnesty.

Examples Edit

What NOT to do Edit

Person 1: Ja I love drugs

Person 2: Can we change the topic?

Person 1: NURRRR

What TO do Edit

Person 1: Ja I love drugs

Person 2: Can we change the topic?

Person 1: Fine

More Edit

Also, below are some topics THAT ARE NOT TO BE DISCUSSED.

  1. Drugs
  2. Sexuality (in any way shape or form unless it's just love and nothing innapropriate. Love is the spice of life)
  3. Politics (brings up too much argument)
  4. Alchohol

Religion Edit

Talking about religion is fine, BUT NO HATE PEEPS. Respect all religion; it's all telling you to be a good person! There are some bad religious people out there, but that doesn't make the religion bad.


Love is Magical!...and hatred is agony 19:25, August 6, 2015 (UTC)

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